Lancaster Nusantara Games 2012 Teaser Video

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Game ON!

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Salam and gooodddd day!!!! Here is the finalised list of games that you can compete in here!


1.       Badminton (Men’s Single & Double; Women’s Single & Double)

2.       Sepak Takraw

3.       Sepak Raga Bulatan

4.       Women’s Netball

5.       Batu Seremban

6.       Congkak

7.       Dam Aji

8.       FIFA 2012 Xbox



We will be waiting for you here 😉

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Nusantara Games 2012

Nusantara Games Lancaster 2012, brought to you by LUMSS and Kelab UMNO Lancaster


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To the Lancaster Nusantara Games! We are still under construction, so we hope you can bear with us for some moment! =)